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Workshop Facilitation and Training for Engineers at SynergenOG

As an engineer, ongoing efforts at professional development is a necessity in order to effectively serve the needs of clients. As professionals who invent, design, build and test machinery as well as analyse complex systems and structures to fulfil functional objectives, upskilling ensures engineers are up to date on current industry practices and technological advances. 

At SynergenOG, we offer a variety of workshop facilitation and training programmes for engineers in the oil and gas industry. 

Process Safety Management

This programme is a joint collaboration between SynergenOG and an Australia-based Registered Training Organisation. It supports multinational companies in successfully delivering integrated process safety management training to global operators and their workforce. This programme is based on the Energy Institute and CCPS PSM elements. It equips participants with essential knowledge to ensure safe operations in compliance with industry best-practices. 

Hazard Awareness

This programme provides participants with a better understanding of how to identify hazards in day to day working operations. Participants are also taught to identify the means or resources available to mitigate such hazards.

QRA (Quantitative Risk Assessment)

This training covers key QRA concepts from leading oil and gas industry consultants. It explores a range of topics that include:

  • Concepts of hazards and risks
  • Modelling of hazard consequences
  • Hazard Identification
  • Event Trees
  • Risk Calculation
  • Frequency Analysis
  • ALARP and Cost Benefit Analysis

(Safety Integrity Level) SIL Workshop

This programme introduces the SIL concept through a combined theoretical and practical approach. Based on the Layers of Protection Analysis (LOPA) method, the programme provides an overview of the typical methodology, preparation and terminology, including the use of node identification and guide words, that is necessary to conduct an effective SIL. Upon request, participants also benefit from a practical demonstration of a mock SIL workshop.

HAZOP (Hazard and Operability)

This programme offers a unique combination of both theoretical and practical introduction to the HAZOP concept. It covers an overview of the typical methodology, preparation and terminology as well as the use of guide words and node identification, essential in conducting an effective HAZOP. Upon request, participants can also benefit from a hands-on demonstration of a mock HAZOP workshop.


This programme is carried out in collaboration with CGE, whom are developers of the BowTie XP software. The training covers the basics of Risk Management, the BowTie method and application of BowTie in practice using the BowTie XP software. The training is carried out by certified BowTie Practitioners with hands on experience in the use of the BowTie method and software tool. 

At SynergenOG we offer training and workshop facilitation tailor-made to our client’s needs. You can fill in our training request by clicking HERE or contact us to see how we can be of use to you and your organisation. 

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