SOG Academy (SOG-A) is the training and learning arm of Synergen Group of Companies. SOG-A has been delivering industry-relevant training and workshops for numerous clients across various industries, specifically in the Energy &Renewable sectors. The increasing adoption of digitalisation, automation, data & analytics, and new technologies has and will continue to transform the future of work performed by organisations radically. These changes are occurring at a rapid speed-placing growing pressure on organisations and individuals to identify and develop strategies for continuous upskilling and reskilling of the workforce. We help our learners gain the necessary knowledge and skills with tailor-made training sessions for their professional development and support them in acquiring the required certifications to meet their goals. SOG-A consists of trainers who are industry specialists and practitioners. We also conduct industry-specific awareness programs for undergraduate and postgraduate students at universities. For workforces: We provide bespoke training to support the development of their skills in their respective organisation and meet their personal goals. For young aspirants: The SOG Academy training programs are designed and delivered by our experienced engineers to empower the next-gen workforce with the right skill sets.


To become a fusion of industry-academy centre of excellence for training


Support the aspirants in their professional and personal goals towards fulfilling their learning objectives.

SOG Academy Core Services