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QRA Training with INPEX Corp

SynergenOG is happy to announce its second Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) training programme for INPEX Corporation, Japan via the Institut Teknologi Petronas (INSTEP) Training Programme.

The objective of the QRA training course is to enable participants to gain a thorough understanding of the different aspects of process safety and risk, allowing them to fully assess, evaluate and manage the risk arising from all foreseeable Major Accidents Hazard (MAH) identified within a facility.

The work focussed on providing Consequence Modelling & Quantitative Risk Assessment. The training courses were customised, utilising INSTEP’s Upstream Plant facilities as basis for training exercises to reinforce and make relevant the training material based on the team’s own understanding and experiences. The 3-day training programme was delivered through an open-learning concept supported by case studies.

SynergenOG looks forward to supporting participants further in other courses that are delivered through the company’s experienced trainers.

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